About Ham Radio

There are hundreds of web sites, online videos and podcasts devoted to our hobby. This page includes links to resources recommended by SPARC members.

What Is Ham Radio? by the ARRL
A solid introduction from the American Radio Relay League, “the standard-bearer in amateur affairs.”

eHam.net is a popular news site known for its comprehensive user-submitted reviews section.

A “Facebook for hams,” this site is an easy way to look up call signs and log on-air contacts. The home page is updated daily with interesting links.

ARRL the Doctor Is In podcast
A short, biweekly podcast answering technical questions.

Amateur Radio Newsline
A weekly non-profit audio news broadcast distributed online and via local repeaters.

Ham Nation on Ham Radio Crash Course
Probably the premier ham news and community program. You can watch the weekly video broadcast live on the Ham Radio Crash Course channel or listen to archived versions via your podcast app of choice.

Southgate Amateur Radio News
A site out of the U.K. with lots of useful information and a news section geared to international readers.

QSO Today podcast
Interviews of interesting hams conducted by Eric Guth, 4Z1UG, intended “to inspire you to join this amazing hobby or, if you are already here, to grow in it.”

A blog focused on software-defined radios and related technologies. SDRs replace many of the electronic components inside traditional radios with software to create flexible and easily-upgradable devices. The site also sells its own SDR as an affordable USB dongle you plug into a computer.

Radio for Everyone
Guides, reviews and articles related to SDR.

Radio Club of America
Founded in 1909, the Radio Club of America is dedicated to the “wireless art and science for the betterment of society.”