Free Tower Needs a New Home

Dear SPARC members and friends,

Please see the forwarded message from Jim Marr AA6QI below.

Thank you,

Rick Besocke
SPARC President

From: Jim Marr AA6QI

Tri-Ex MW-35 tower – free

From the estate of SK ham N6TG, there is a Tri-Ex MW-35 (S/N 57204) crank up tower that is available for FREE to the first taker, with the proviso that you pick it up and move it to where ever it needs to go.  I would be happy to help with the moving and I’m sure that we can scare up even more help when the time comes.

Here are two pictures:

It looks like it’s about 25’ long and has one internal telescoping section.

The tower is lying on the ground in Pasadena on Madre St below California Blvd.

If you’d like to look at it, let me know and I can arrange with the family for a visit.

73 — Jim AA6QI

Ham Estate Offers – August/September 2021

At the August meeting of the Pasadena Radio Club, Jim Marr, AA6QI, presented a selection of ham equipment that PRC has been collecting from the estates of deceased members and friends. Some of the equipment is outstanding and available at very low prices. Prospective buyers should contact Jim at The equipment is available for pick up in Pasadena. Jim has tested the equipment to ensure it operates properly or to identify what must be done to make it operate correctly. The below PDF (4.7 MB) lists and illustrates the available equipment. (Note for new hams: The term “SK” means “silent key,” a radio operator who has passed away.)

Free Tower Available in Altadena

The following message comes from our friend Jim Marr AA6QI:

The family of a recently-deceased ham in eastern Altadena needs to have his tower removed by the end of October. If nobody wants the tower, it will likely end up as scrap metal.

The tower is a Telex/Hy-Gain HG-54HD three-section, crank-up, tilt-over 54 ft tower (21 ft nested). This is a heavy duty tower that supports 16 sq ft of antenna at 60 mph winds fully extended.

The in-ground base is still available from HRO or DX Engineering.

I believe that I have another ham who is willing to help take the tower down and transport it locally.

There are also two CDE Ham-2 rotators and controllers that are in a box (not on the tower).

There are also a number of antennas lying on the ground and lying on the roof of the house, antennas that I don’t recognize, that are also destined for the scrap dealer unless someone wants to rescue them.

If you are interested in these items, use our Contact Us page, and your message will be passed along to Jim.