Sending Data with Fldigi

Fldigi stands for Fast Light Digital modem application. It’s a free and open-source program that allows an ordinary computer’s sound card to be used as a simple data modem. (I’m paraphrasing Wikipedia here!) ARES Northeast has been spreading the word about Fldigi’s usefulness when other communication systems fail due to natural disaster or power outage. You can use it to transfer small files from your computer when the Internet is down.

SPARC’s own Oliver, K6OLI has created a guide to setting up Fldigi on a Windows PC. His step-by-step instructions, complete with screenshots, will get you up and running.

In addition, the following two videos come recommended by ARES NE director Gary Wong, W6GSW. If you are using Fldigi, consider dropping by an ARES activity day to compare notes with fellow SGV hams!

Fldigi: Learn How to Use It

Basic NBEMS Fldigi Setup