2 Meter Copper J-Pole Antenna

After two informative presentations from Allen Wolff  KC7O, first on soldering technique and then on constructing a 2m cooper j-pole antenna, SPARC members held a group build as our October meeting. Bob WB6YJJ generously hosted the eager builders in his garage workshop. The total cost of materials per antenna was only $20. And according to an antenna tuner, each j-pole had an impressive 1.2 : 1 SWR (standing wave ratio). Not bad! (I used my j-pole during our October 11 on-air net and received good signal reports. —ed.)

If you are interested in building your own 2m j-pole, Allen has graciously shared his presentation. Click here or on the image below to download it as a pdf.

If you have any questions about Allen’s design, feel free to reach out to us.

And here are a few pictures taken during the build.

A completed j-pole ready to go on-air.