Field Day 2018 Wrap Up

Field Day 2018 was a fun-filled twenty-four hours of outreach, learning and socializing. Hams from SPARC, Pasadena Radio Club, JPL Amateur Radio Club and Caltech Amateur Radio Club joined forces to operate seven different stations atop the Arroyo Seco at the Art Center College of Design. PRC’s Jim Marr AA6QI was our Field Day captain coordinating volunteers from the four clubs. SPARC was proud to run a Get on the Air (GOTA) station where visitors could try out a radio and make contacts without needing a license. We answered lots of questions and encouraged curious guests to take the plunge into our hobby.

Here are the reported number of contacts (QSOs) from each station.

  • 80-10m CW (Morse code): 1114 QSOs covering all 50 states
  • 40m single sideband (SSB):  354 QSOs covering 41 states
  • 75m/20m/15m SSB: 266 QSOs covering 44 states
  • 160m-10m digital mode station (FT8, PSK-31 & RTTY): 51 QSOs covering 21 states
  • VHF/UHF: 121 QSOs, all in California
  • GOTA: 25 QSOs from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday

Huge thanks to Jim Marr for making everything run so smoothly. To all the participating volunteers and to all the eager visitors, thanks for making Field Day 2018 such an enjoyable and memorable experience. Hope to see you soon at a meeting and hear you on the air!

2 GOTA future ham
A future ham gets on the air.
3 GOTA red shirt
Making that first QSO.
4 GOTA hello
Open for business!
5 JPL van exterior
The JPL EmComm Van
6 JPl van Stan
SPARC president Stan KR6CV and JPL’s Jonathan KF6RTA adjust the Cushcraft ATB-34 tri-band Yagi.
7 JPL van full antenna
Antenna deployed!
8 JPL van interior
Jeff W2JCL and Jim AA6QI work 15m inside the JPL van.
8a Welcome to Ham Radio signs
A handmade introduction.
9 Bob battery box
Bob WB6YJJ set up a personal station powered by his SPARC battery box.
10 Logging contacts
Working VHF/UHF.
11 Satellite antenna
A motorized satellite-tracking antenna operated by Tom WA0POD.
12 SunspotViewing sign
13 SunspotViewing telescope
Observing sun spots at the astronomy station.
14 Pot Luck Dinner
Pot luck dinner time.
15 Jeff and Eric night
Jeff W2JCL and PRC president Eric K6EJC working the night shift.

Our local paper, the South Pasadena Review, ran an article on the GOTA station in its July 6 edition.


Photos by John KK6ZVQ and Tom WA0POD.

Updated 07/08/18 with links to South Pasadena Review article.