Explore the Challenges of the AC100 Race at Our March Meeting

The South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club (W6SPR) is proud to present “Amateur Radio at the AC100: Lifeline for one of the Most Challenging Endurance Races in the World!”
John AC6VV, Assistant Director of the AC100 and Director of AC100 Amateur Radio Operations
Doug WA6IFY, Cloudburst Checkpoint Amateur Radio Communications Leader

Photo courtesy of and copyright Rick KK6EUH

John AC6VV is Assistant Director of the AC100 and Director for Amateur Radio Communications. He organizes and manages all Amateur Radio Communications at AC100 and will share the challenges, anecdotes and rewarding nature of radio communications at AC100!

Doug WA6IFY is Cloudburst Checkpoint Station Communications Leader. He organizes and manages the ALERT communications team at Cloudburst checkpoint, a remote location deep in the Los Angeles Forest, where Amateur Radio and Satcomm are the only means of communications. Doug will talk about the ins-and-outs of running communications at a checkpoint, the challenges that operating remotely present and the fun operators have during the race!

Like many races, the AC100 requires Amateur Radio Operators work off-grid, address challenges on the fly and excel at team work, just like they would during a disaster deployment.

Supporting the AC100 is one of the most rewarding and fun Amateur Radio activities the L.A. area has to offer. Join John, Doug and SPARC for an evening of fun and anecdotes, and learn more about AC100.

Wednesday, March 6, 7:30 PM
South Pasadena Fire Station EOC
817 Mound Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030
All interested Amateur Radio Enthusiasts

See you there!

Oliver K6OLI