January 2024 Meeting: Simplex Operations

At our January member meeting we introduced the new club officers for 2024 and thanked outgoing president Stan Tahara KR6CV and outgoing treasurer Bob Vanderwall WB6YJJ for all their hard work.

Our featured topic was simplex operation and tips for participating in a simplex net. Jeff Liter, W2JCL gave a presentation which you can view embedded below. Download a PDF copy (1.1 MB) of it by clicking here.

Links from the presentation:
Radio Mobile Online propagation prediction tool
Having Fun with VHF” presentation by Bob Witte K0NR
Ed’s Radio, site listing Southern California nets

In conjunction with the discussion of simplex, we announced the addition of a new simplex net to our monthly schedule (click here for full details).

January 20: ARRL January VHF Contest. A good opportunity to get on the air and test your equipment. We encourage you to participate from home or the field.

January 27: Winter Field Day. Join SPARC in Eddie Park for this annual emcomm practice event.

SPARC is migrating its mailing list to groups.io so members and friends can have more control over how they receive news and updates from the club. Whether you are a long-time member or simply interested in hearing about our activities, we hope you will subscribe and stay in touch.

And speaking of membership, now is the time to join or renew. Dues are only $20 per year, per household. Cover all hams at the same address with one payment!

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