March 2021 Meeting: All About DARN

Forty-six members and guests attended to hear a presentation on DARN by Dick McKay, K6VGP, and Mike Lee, K6MJU. DARN stands for the Disaster Amateur Radio Network. It’s an impressive system of linked repeaters with coverage all over our region. K6VGP started the system back in 1959, but today it features the latest technologies such as IRLP, EchoLink, and AllStar. The technical aspects of maintaining the system largely fall to K6MJU.

You can listen live to DARN via Broadcastify. When you feel ready to add to the discussion, find the nearest repeater and join a net.

Managing such a capable network is expensive, and DARN depends on memberships to keep everything running. Different membership tiers offer privileges designed for the occasional visitor all the way up to the power user.

SPARC thanks Dick, Mike and all the members of DARN for providing this vital public service to Southern California.

DARN repeater sites